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For having one of the biggest bays in the world and incredible weather, I like Vallarta!


#IlikeVallarta because it is one of Mexico’s favorite wedding destinations.


When Mismaloya’s Beach was discovered  the world discovered Puerto Vallarta!


For this beautiful jungle buried deep in the Mexican Pacific, #IlikeVallarta !


For being one of the most beautiful and peaceful places to live in my country, #IlikeVallarta


#IlikeVallarta because of its green mountains and the sound of its waves!


For its delicious gastronomy and excellent restaurants, #IlikeVallarta


In Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy its theatre and world class shows. #IlikeVallarta


#IlikeVallarta because of its magnificent events throughout the year!


Mexico’s most beautiful sunsets can only happen in Puerto Vallarta! #IlikeVallarta


Let yourself go with Vallarta’s magic and culture! #IlikeVallarta


Looking for one of a kind vacation? Visit Puerto Vallarta and enjoy a unique experience! #IlikeVallarta


Puerto Vallarta is, without a doubt, the friendliest city in the world! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


Its natural beauty and its people set Puerto Vallarta apart, that’s #IlikeVallarta


Puerto Vallarta reinvents and renews itself to welcome those seeking an unforgettable experience! #IlikeVallarta


Let the friendliest city pamper you! And you too will say #IlikeVallarta


For this and many more reasons come to Puerto Vallarta during Christmas! #IlikeVallarta


From the creators of Puerto Vallarta comes to your hands #IlikeVallarta


Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Puerto Vallarta, where only the best  to enjoy the best it has to offer to you! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


The best bait, and not exactly in the sea, is in Puerto Vallarta! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


Come see the “voladores de Papantla” fly, but in Puerto Vallarta, that’s why #IlikeVallarta


For the party animals! #IlikeVallarta





In Puerto Vallarta you will find the best ecological tours, sightseeing and attractions, that’s why #IlikeVallarta


Looking for fun and adventure? Come visit Puerto Vallarta and you too will say: #IlikeVallarta


Everybody come to #PuertoVallarta! Experience an incredible adventure! #IlikeVallarta


Are you adventurous, bold and fun? #PuertoVallarta has great surprises for you!


The best and unforgettable adventures happen in #PuertoVallarta, I’ve experienced it and that’s why #IlikeVallarta


Adventures without limits in #PuertoVallarta ! I’ll never get tired of saying how much #IlikeVallarta


Whales, canopy, swimming with dolphins, all that happens in #PuertoVallarta  And you? Want to say #IlikeVallarta


Swimming with dolphins in #PuertoVallarta has been one of the most exciting moments in my life! That’s why I say #IlikeVallarta


#IlikeVallarta because of its endless fun and adventures; it has everything! I love #PuertoVallarta


Unlimited adventures only in #PuertoVallarta For this and many more reasons #IlikeVallarta


Experience the best adventure only in #PuertoVallarta ! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


#PuertoVallarta is adventure’s paradise! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


#PuertoVallarta has plenty of options to have fun #IlikeVallarta, do you?


#IlikeVallarta simply because I’ve lived the best adventures!


You can experience it all here! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


Join the adventure of the #IlikeVallarta event!


#PuertoVallarta is a great adventure! What are you waiting for to visit us?


What would you do if you had #PuertoVallarta and #IlikeVallarta in front of you? Tell us!


#PuertoVallarta is the best place to enjoy ecological adventures, that’s why #IlikeVallarta


Come to #PuertoVallarta and enjoy the whale watching experience! That’s why #IlikeVallarta


Have fun in #PuertoVallarta’s heights with the parachute jump!


Do you want to experience nature? Visit #PuertoVallarta !





Because the best experiences happen as a family, come and have fun in #PuertoVallarta


Looking for the perfect place to vacation with your family? Come to #PuertoVallarta and enjoy our beaches!


#PuertoVallarta, a safe and fun place to enjoy as a family!


Perfect vacations? I’ve got the answer: #PuertoVallarta!


Bring your family for a unique trip to Puerto Vallarta and even the youngest member will say: #IlikeVallarta


Vallarta is made to visit as a family, everybody has the best time! This reminds how much #IlikeVallarta


In my family we say “We like Vallarta” because We love #PuertoVallarta!


Peace of mind is going with the family to #PuertoVallarta, have a great time and say #IlikeVallarta


My family and I spent last summer in #PuertoVallarta, we had a great time! I also say #IlikeVallarta


In hawaiian culture Ohana means Family, and Puerto Vallarta is my Ohana, that’s why #IlikeVallarta


Wonderful sunsets, beautiful sceneries, incredible people, great destination, that’s why I #likeVallarta


You and your family can have the most incredible time, what are you waiting for to visit #PuertoVallarta


Don’t you wish you had the best vacation as a family? You can do that in #PuertoVallarta! Visit us!


Come to Puerto Vallarta where my Ohana will welcome you with open arms, that’s why #IlikeVallarta


#ILikeVallarta, do you?


#PuertoVallarta is Mexico’s safest tourist destination, that’s why #IlikeVallarta!


The best place to enjoy the ocean is Puerto Vallarta!


Need a peaceful, safe and relaxing place? Come to #PuertoVallarta


Enjoy #PuertoVallarta’s beaches with the whole family!


Would you like to feel closer as a family? Come enjoy #PuertoVallarta





The best place to close a business deal is in front of  #PuertoVallarta ’s ocean.


Make your business prosper in a beautiful city: #PuertoVallarta


#PuertoVallarta has a business center and shopping plazas where you can conduct your business.


#PuertoVallarta has a spectacular convention center, what better business would you find?


In #PuertoVallarta we conduct businesses in front of the ocean; don’t you picture yourself doing that? You will say for sure: #IlikeVallarta to conduct businesses.


While my husband is conducting businesses in #PuertoVallarta I use my credit card at the spa, that’s why #IlikeVallarta !


The best and most successful business deals I’ve made have been in #PuertoVallarta


For business or pleasure, or both, #PuertoVallarta is waiting for you with open arms! You too will say: #IlikeVallarta !


Your business grows in #PuertoVallarta, that’s why #IlikeVallarta !


Investing in in #PuertoVallarta is success guaranteed! For this and many more reasons #IlikeVallarta !


The best business deals are in #PuertoVallarta , that’s why #IlikeVallarta


While my wife works in in #PuertoVallarta I go shopping with her credit card! That’s why #IlikeVallarta !


in #PuertoVallarta has a great business center where business deals close on a daily basis, that’s why I like Vallarta!


You want to know what the best investment option is? in #PuertoVallarta ! That’s why #IlikeVallarta !


Here in in #PuertoVallarta the ocean is ideal to make business, that’s why #IlikeVallarta !


To close a business deal you need the best and most relaxing surroundings, visit in #PuertoVallarta


Are you sure you come for business? in #PuertoVallarta can change your plans, that’s why #IlikeVallarta !


Enjoy a good wine and a beautiful view when making business in in #PuertoVallarta


A destination to attend a business meeting, remember to choose well! I choose in #PuertoVallarta




Living by the beach guarantees a healthy life and more living in #PuertoVallarta


Not feeling good lately? Come to #PuertoVallarta and get better! I like Vallarta because the best happens here!


Going to #PuertoVallarta means satisfaction and peace of mind, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Take care of your body in a beautiful city like #PuertoVallarta, sun, ocean and of course, massages!


Take care of your body and have fun at the same time exercising in #PuertoVallarta.


#PuertoVallarta is an excellent option to live, for this and many other reasons I like Vallarta!


Quality of life in #PuertoVallarta is excellent! That’s why I like to live in Vallarta!


People breathe peace of mind in #PuertoVallarta! That’s why I like Vallarta!


I take my family to #PuertoVallarta whenever I can, because of its relaxing and peaceful atmosphere I like Vallarta!


Practice Sports at sea level, #PuertoVallarta offers that and more!


For a good and natural tan, visit #PuertoVallarta!


Did you know that hot springs help clean your body? #PuertoVallarta has those, visit them! That’s why I like Vallarta!


Imagine doing yoga in front of the ocean…You can enjoy that #PuertoVallarta!





The best restaurants are located in #PuertoVallarta, that’s why I like Vallarta!


You will find the best seafood in #PuertoVallarta!


I like Vallarta because of its world renowned restaurants


#PuertoVallarta is, without a doubt, a great gastronomy exponent, that’s why I like Vallarta!


#PuertoVallarta knows how to pamper locals and tourists with delicious and unbeatable dishes.


From a good taco to a gourmet dish you will be able to enjoy #PuertoVallarta´s gastronomy.


The biggest gourmet festival in Mexico is celebrated in #PuertoVallarta in November, you will say “I like Vallarta”


“Pescado embarazado”, a traditional dish of Puerto Vallarta, try it and you will say “I like Vallarta”


In Puerto Vallarta, seafood accompanied by a “chela” (beer) is the best combination, don’t you agree?


Good food and good wine are always available in Puerto Vallarta, we’re waiting for you this winter with open arms!


The best diet is to come to #PuertoVallarta where its gastronomy is really healthy, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Having lunch in front of the ocean is fabulous! In #PuertoVallarta this is a reality! That’s why I like Vallarta!


The best gastronomy in the best place: #PuertoVallarta! That’s why I like Vallarta!


I like Vallarta because of its delicious Mexican food, that’s why I live in #PuertoVallarta!


The best “aguachile” shrimp is found in #PuertoVallarta , for this and many other reasons I like Vallarta!


“Aguachile” is the best for a hangover in #PuertoVallarta, that’s why I like Vallarta!


If it’s said in twitter then the whole world agrees, we must visit #PuertoVallarta! That’s why I like Vallarta!


How about a coconut by the sea in #PuertoVallarta ? That’s why I like Vallarta!


You just don’t worry…#PuertoVallarta will take care of everything! That’s why I like Vallarta!


I wouldn’t change jogging by the sea in in #PuertoVallarta every morning for anything, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Do you like seafood? What are you waiting for? Visit in #PuertoVallarta and enjoy it! That’s why I like Vallarta!


The best food should be accompanied by a good wine, in in #PuertoVallarta you will find plenty of options!


Hangover? How about some “aguachile” shrimp in in #PuertoVallarta?


The best international wine festival happens in in #PuertoVallarta ´s “Wine Fest” in February





Falling in love in in #PuertoVallarta is beautiful, but getting married here is unforgettable!


The love of your life is in in #PuertoVallarta , if you believe that say I like Vallarta!


Bring your wife, girlfriend or whoever you want, have an incredible time in in #PuertoVallarta, you will fall in love!


The best location for the wedding of your dreams can only be found in in #PuertoVallarta !


Get away as a couple and come to in #PuertoVallarta for the wedding of your dreams!


Passion and romance sound good? Imagine that in in #PuertoVallarta !


I met the love of my life at in #PuertoVallarta ´s “malecon”, that’s why I like Vallarta!


My honeymoon in in #PuertoVallarta  was just spectacular, that’s why I like Vallarta!


in #PuertoVallarta is the ideal place to find the girl of your dreams, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Mi first kiss was by in #PuertoVallarta´s sea, that’s why I like Vallarta!


The best place to fall in love is at the beach watching the sunset, Puerto Vallarta has it!


Fall in love like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton did in front of in #PuertoVallarta ´s heavenly beaches!


A couple of glasses, good wine and dinner by the beach, are you up for that? in #PuertoVallarta


If you just want to fall in love then visit in #PuertoVallarta ! That’s why I like Vallarta!





Puerto Vallarta is full of great talent and culture, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Mexican folklore is present in in #PuertoVallarta, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Enjoy excellent shows and plays at in #PuertoVallarta ´s theatre.


in #PuertoVallarta is known for its great talents, effort and commitment.


Are you familiar with the Xiutla? They represent in #PuertoVallarta and show the best of Mexican folklore through their dances, find them in Puerto Vallarta!


Art galleries, museums and urban art are all found in in #PuertoVallarta , what do you think?


Concerts, art exhibitions, theatre, workshops and great events happen in in #PuertoVallarta , that’s why I like Vallarta!


I like Vallarta because of its great cultural activities, this is in #PuertoVallarta !


I like Vallarta’s music, museums and art galleries, great artists live in this city!


in #PuertoVallarta is the only place where the “voladores de Papantla” fly by the sea.


I like Vallarta because of its cultural diversity, that’s why I live in #PuertoVallarta .


To take a walk in in #PuertoVallarta is a great cultural experience, that’s why I like Vallarta!


Come to in #PuertoVallarta , Mexico’s lost paradise! That’s why I like Vallarta!


Theatres innovation in arquitectural design, to experience it visit in #PuertoVallarta


Cuale’s river island is in #PuertoVallarta ’s best cultural center