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The impact of I like Vallarta

As the main objective is to put Puerto Vallarta on the world's eyes, we will use every tool with a specific objective:


Twitter: Convene the twitter community for Puerto Vallarta, on days and times so that the continuous posting using the #hashtag #puertovallarta places us in the TT (trend topic) trends of the moment, have to reach national and international viewing of the brand of our destiny


Facebook: invite the community to post on popular walls our target market (Monterrey, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc ... and post pictures and videos that discuss the benefits of Puerto Vallarta as a tourist destination, in a iconic, highlighting the seven pillars of institutional tourist promotion


Blogs: Writing blogs from within, on the goodness, the good news, major events and developments, the warmth of its people, its natural beauty and all the things that we are proud.


Youtube: Upload and share videos that we have developed ourselves, or talk about Puerto Vallarta in a positive way, in addition to inviting our friends inside and outside our country, who know